A friend of mine, Gbenga Medunoye (founder of Laxus Animation) just made his first animated short film, titled Dotted Lines. The film depicts a young girl's traumatic ordeal with a form of depression induced by loneliness. The Animation samples vocals of Jamie Bell from Greenday's music video titled "Wake Me Up When September Ends".

The short film was made totally from ground up by Gbenga, who recently went into the field of CGI and 3d Modelling, it is a good start, seeing a Nigerian build this up with a simple laptop, yet making such wonderful effort as to creating his film in just few months after devoting time to learning 3d Modelling.

Have a look at the video below:

Although lots of improvements can still be made, especially with regards to the number of frames per seconds, but nonetheless, this was built over a very minute (non-existent) budget. With a reasonable budget and the proper tools, it is clearly obvious he can piece together an awesome animated, AFRICAN MADE animated movie.

Please show some him some support through here his GoFundMe campaign, he hopes to bring traditional African stories to life through CGI and his startup "Laxus Animations".

To help Laxus Animation grow!!!! click here.

Simulating keypress in Windows forms was very easy due to the availability of the Sendkeys.send method, but this is absent in WPF, even if you import the Windows.Forms namespace it still won't work and will recommend SendWait. I only just noticed recently when I needed to implement something similar. I finally got it working and this was how.

I had previously used user32.dll for moving mouse cursor programmatically but recently needed to also simulate keypresses and since SendKey was unavailable for WPF I had to resort to using the user32.dll's SendInput method, midway into that I stumbled on this awesome library, Windows Input Simulator which is a wrapper for user32.dll's SenInput and implements very convenient methods to simulate/trigger key-presses even text input.

You can download from here, unzip and import the inputsimulator.dll, and use the WindowsInput namespace and you're good to go. The readme from the author very easy to follow.

Give it a try, it's awesome. It saved me a lot of time instead of working all over again with SendInput, it was very helpful and time saving!!

It is a bit unusual for Sony to throw in A-list PS4 games into free for download Playstation Plus monthly games, usually, they throw in Indie games (sometimes, very cool ones at that) but Sony turns on the HEAT this month.

Sony delights us all by adding Little Big Plante 3 to Playstation Plus free list of February, this is quite a fun game and can be played with kids and friends. It is an awesome move by Sony, hopefully we will see lots more generosity from their end this year.

Remember these games are only available for download within the month they're released, if you miss it now, you probably have to buy it when you get to feel like playing it, so hurry and download now and have access to it forever. 

Ever experienced this error when installing MikText for using latex on windows. This was a weird one, given we ran the installation as admin and in an administrator privileged account yet the error kept given this error. The solution was very simple and direct.

Restarting may not really help you out with this. What worked was installing in safe mode. This can be gotten to on Windows 10 in several different ways.

  • Right click on Start and click run (or simply type in Windows Key + R).
  • Type in msonfig
  • Within MSConfig, click on the boot tab.
  • Click on Safe Boot (ignore the sub options).
  • Click on Apply, ok and restart your PC.
The setup should run perfectly. (Repeat the above process to disable Safe Boot)

When you are back in normal mode, go to Command Prompt, and tpe pdflatex and see it work :
image from blog.smartthings.com

Just earlier working on an app, I realized I needed to display tabbed information to users in a dialog box. This is quite different from the usual Tabbed Activity.


The first step is to make sure you have "'com.android.support:design" in your build.gradle file.


Next is to create the layout xml files for the custom dialog and your fragment. Your custom dialog may look like this:


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>  
 <LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"  
   android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="match_parent"  

And for the purpose of this tutorial, we will use a minimal Fragment, like the one indicated below:


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>  
 <LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"  
   android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="match_parent"  
     android:layout_height="wrap_content" />  


Next up is, building the java classes for the dialog, the fragment adapter, and the fragments.

Here is a sample implementation of the viewpager's adapter:

 public class CustomAdapter extends FragmentPagerAdapter {  
   List<Fragment> mFragmentCollection = new ArrayList<>();  
   List<String> mTitleCollection = new ArrayList<>();  
   public CustomAdapter(FragmentManager fm) {  
   public void addFragment(String title, Fragment fragment)  
   //Needed for  
   public CharSequence getPageTitle(int position) {  
     return mTitleCollection.get(position);  
   public Fragment getItem(int position) {  
     return mFragmentCollection.get(position);  
   public int getCount() {  
     return mFragmentCollection.size();  

Note: you must override getTitle for the Tabs to have proper names.

Below is also a sample fragment for illustration purposes, we'll keep it simple for now:


 public class CustomFragment extends Fragment {  
   private String mText = "";  
   public static CustomFragment createInstance(String txt)  
     CustomFragment fragment = new CustomFragment();  
     fragment.mText = txt;  
     return fragment;  
   public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) {  
     View v = inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_sample,container,false);  
     ((TextView) v.findViewById(R.id.textView)).setText(mText);  
     return v;  

Go ahead and create your dialog's class:

 public class TabbedDialog extends DialogFragment {  
   TabLayout tabLayout;  
   ViewPager viewPager;  
   public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, @Nullable ViewGroup container, @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {  
     View rootview = inflater.inflate(R.layout.dialog_sample,container,false);  
     tabLayout = (TabLayout) rootview.findViewById(R.id.tabLayout);  
     viewPager = (ViewPager) rootview.findViewById(R.id.masterViewPager);  
     CustomAdapter adapter = new CustomAdapter(getChildFragmentManager());  
     return rootview;  

And there you have it, it displays similarly to what's shown below:

Full source can be found here: https://github.com/kunmi/BlogTutorials/tree/master/TabbedDialog

You may have experienced many times when you move between countries; your google language is determined from the IP of where you're browsing from. Here is how you can enforce your language of choice without having to use translate feature of chrome.

If one the google site you're on, there's no language switch in site, modify the url to and add the quey hl=(2 letter language name) e.g hl=en. If there are queries already before it, then &hl=en, if it's first, ?hl=en.


You may have experienced this problem a couple of time, where your SD Card decides to go haywire on you and the only available option on your device is Erase Everything (Format). Here are some simple fixes that may help.

Internal SD Card Reader Available: 

Try with SD Lock off:

if your laptop has an internal SD Reader, there exist two quick fixes that usually works.
insert you SD-Card in an SD-Card Adapter, and see if Windows detects it, if Windows does. Follow the following steps.

The first step is to note the assigned drive letter; These can be seen from This PC / My Computer / Disk Management.

  • Go to start, click on run (alternatively Window key + R) enter cmd.
    • or type in Start, Command Prompt.
  • Type chkdsk /f  /r /x driverletter: 
    • i.e drive letter is the letter assigned to your drive. e.g if the letter e is assigned to your drive, then sample input may look like this:      chkdsk /f /r /x e:     
if your card is not detected or after detection, you cannot access it or get these error messages:
Cannot open volume for direct access 
The type of the file system is RAW.
CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.
The type of the file system is FAT32.
Error in IOCTL call.
Then the below solution may help out.

Try with Write Lock on

Sometimes, trying your sdcard with write lock on does the magic, although you don't get to run a checkdisk on your sdcard, but you get the opportunity to backup your files before attempting the format option on your phone. (As at time of writing, I just had similar problem and this worked).

In pictures, how to enable USB ADB on a Sony Smartwatch. Quite straightforward steps and very similar to how you will enable same on other Android Wear or mobile phone devices.

Steps to Enable ADB:

  • Open up the menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to About
  • Scroll down to Build number and tap 7 times
And that's it. Now if you go back to settings and you should be able to find "Developer options" right beneath  "About". From here you can enable ADB debugging via USB, Bluetooth and other settings.

Just a nagging issue sometimes experienced in Android studio, when you can seem to build the app and all seems okay but build fails on "Configure Build" right after "Configure Settings". Restarting the IDE didn't fix it for me. Here was what fixed it in my case.

For this fix, you need not go through the stress of invalidating cache and restart, the simple fix was, closing all the projects presently opened in the IDE (go to File -> Close Project), Do this for all the open instances of Android Studio till you're left with the "Welcome screen". Open and reopening your project from the welcome screen and all works again, happened several times this week, this was the only weird set of activity that fixed it quickly in my case.

Android Studio, Welcome Screen.

kunmii.blogspot.com pes2017

PES 17 Demo was released some couple of days back, the buzz around the release was as huge as ever, joint with the new licences, I could not wait to get my hands on it. Here's what I found new in the demo.


kunmii.blogspot.com pes2017

The first thing I noticed was the complete change in gameplay, it feels so much like a new soccer, 

Several fixes have been made to the ease of running / ghosting past several players; unlike in PES 2016, it is much harder than before in PES 2017. Overall ball handling is much more difficult and no matter how good were are in 16, you must learn it all again.

Goal Keepers: 
Goalkeeper saves are fantastic and super realistic although we have not seen De Gea yet but so far, Oblak and Ter Stegen light up your screen with super saves. It is also a lot harder to score from several yards out; very satisfying too when you manage to pull it off. Goal Keepers are a lot smarter and more dependable.

Defender's AI:
One of the most noticeable improvement is the AI of the defenders, they are so smart that playing on "Superstar difficulty" makes it almost impossible to retain possession in the area. They cover spaces and perfectly anticipate your passes, Pique and Mascherano are beasts in this one. It feels really real and fulfilling when you hold onto possession in the area.


kunmii.blogspot.com pes2017

The overall look of the game has been much more improved, the grass, pitch, impact of rain all look really good, rendition of the stadiums are really true to life. Player faces look very similar to their real world versions as well.
Although sometimes when camera draws near, especially in cutscenes and replay, you may feel a slight drop in frame rate and notice very drabby frame skipping (but "hey guys" it's a demo, this can't possibly be same in the final version).

kunmii.blogspot.com pes2017

Overall good graphics, just tiny fixes to the frame rate (or perhaps lod mixing) when camera draws really near in cutscenes and replays.


kunmii.blogspot.com pes2017

This is one of the most improved aspects of PES 17, the overall presentation feels good, right from the scoreboard to the menu screen and game-plan screen. It looks very good; Also the highlights feel so much more cinematic. Altho I await the day, commentary will be part of highlight to make it more realistic but, PES 2017's presentation of match highlight is very cool and showcases the game's graphics even more.

Today, Just a few hours after Gamestop drops PS4 trade in price, Media Markt starts a 20% off sales of all PS4 in stock. This definitely means, a new model or a massive price cut is near.

Sony plans to unveil the new PS4 codenamed "Neo" in early September. It has been a matter of serious speculations of an impending price drop, and amidst the reports of  falls in the cost of production per units, it is no surprise that special sales start popping up everywhere. Media Markt also begins discount sales of 20% today.

This confirms the ushering of a new PS4 version, a slim version or Neo may be priced similarly to the previous PS4 editions.

courtesy sonymobile

Yesterday my old Z2 pop up with a new System update message, its a major update as it is 642.5 MB Large. Little is known about what the update brings, but I have noticed some improvements.

Xperia Z2 update

So far, some of the changes I have noticed are:

  • Overall performance seems better, it wasn't all that bad before though
  • Front facing camera quality was ruined in the last update but now seems back and better.
  • The aggressive Vibration from the phone has been seriously toned down. "sighs".. finally. :D

bsod wit hqr

I ran into a BSOD yesterday, yes BSODs are quite unfortunate to experience but on a brighter note, it looked different :D. Almost same but some very noticeable face-lifts.

The on the  QR is a url, pointed to windows.com/stopcode. Which is the same url in the new polite message accompanying the BSOD, which states:

for more information about this issue and possible fixes, visit http://windows.com/stopcode
if you call a support person, give them this info:
Stop Code: xxxxxxxx

Presently the website shows you a questionnaire that can hopefully resolve it but I feel it will be a bit more helpful for everyone to have the stopcode added to the link in the QR.

Bye! :D

Courtesy of https://www.konami.com/wepes/2017/us/en-us/license/liverpool#

Yay :D Weeks after the announcement of Premium Partnership with Barcelona, Konami announces they have signed another Premium Partnership agreement with Liverpool FC.

This means accurate Jersey, player faces and individual playstyles of players. Konami is really going all out this time and as a long undying fan of the series, I am glad :D . Pes 2016 was fantastic, With the big announcements, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will certainly be much better.

I can't wait to see Sadio Mane and Henderson in PES 2017 recreation of Liverpool.

Visit here for more on this.

Here is the solution for those who get to run into this annoying restart loop, where you constantly get the BSOD DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (btfilter.sys) and sometime get a System_Service_Exception.

This error, as you might have inferenced it is caused by your Bluetooth driver, corruption of the driver can be from several causes such as:
  • Installation of a buggy driver
  • Fiddling with the Bluetooth driver too frequently (esp when trying to get Bluetooth controllers to work using some unofficial methods)
  • Power failure or abrupt interruption when updating the BT driver etc
The solution to this fault is very simple, find a way to make it to Safe mode. 
  • Boot into safe mode
    • Windows 10 and 8 users: 
      • When system is starting hold down shift key, and select "See Advanced Repair Options".
      • Select "Troubleshoot" 
      • Select "Advanced Options".
      • Select "Startup Settings".
      • Follow the on-screen prompts
    • Other Windows (7/Vista/ etc)
      • When system is booting repeatedly tap F8 to bring up the menu
      • select "Safe Mode"
  • Uninstall the Bluetooth Driver:
    • right click

yeah, I recently could not get a right zoom level from my TV to show the bottom border's of active icons when in 1080, so I decided to adjust the screen offset a bit, and set a profile for TV mode. How? here is simple procedure.

This procedure is for those with an Intel HD card. 
  • Right click on your desktop
  • Click Graphic Properties and the screen below pops out
  • Select Display, to get to the menu where the screen offset can be adjusted.

  • Under the Settings menu "Scaling", select the appropriate scaling type that suits you and click on apply, if not solves your problem, select custom Aspect Ratio.
  • Adjust the knobs beside and beneath the little girl, in my case modifying the vertical knob a bit, allowed the bottom bars under icons in Taskbar to pop up.

With the anniversary update last week, Windows 10 finally officially allows for a dark mode in Theme. With the dark mode, you no longer have to glare at the eye-piercing light/white background, especially when working or programming with lights off.

To achieve this,

  • Right-click on your desktop and click Personalize
  • On the left menu click on "Colors".

  • Scroll down till you get to "Choose your App mode"

  • Select Dark
image from http://www.pcworld.com/article/2105785/acer-travelmate-pro-tmp645-mg-9419-review-this-mild-mannered-case-conceals-a-powerful-laptop.html

Hi! guys. Ever ran into that issue where you connect your Laptop to an external display, e.g TV; but AUDIO still comes from your Laptop's speaker. Half of the time a system restart fixes this, but just in case you restart and it doesn't still work, here are quick steps to get it fixed.

I ran into this issue today and here is how I got it fixed. The most probable cause of this is a driver conflict. To get it resolved,

  • Open Device Manager (Windows 10: right click "Start" and click Device Manager or Right Click - My Computer and click Manage then click Device Manager).
  • Among the listed items (Mostly under "System Devices"), there should be an item with a "yellow exclamation mark" as depicted in the image below

  • Right click the item and click uninstall
  • Restart your system or simply right click and refresh.

Some users may have been experiencing flickering issues when playing games. This can be particularly annoying and not occur in every game.

The most probable cause for this flicker is a driver conflict / failure while in use; especially if there is a driver version among your previously installed drivers that works perfectly without flaws.


  • Download  DDU
  • Boot into Safe-Mode.
  • Run DDU and use it to fully uninstall the Nvidia driver. (Uninstalling from Device Manager won't make the cut here.
  • Download and install the latest Nvidia driver available for your graphic card.
  • Restart.

If you run into this error while trying to update your Xperia device using "Sony PC Companion", then PC companion is really having issues starting the Sony Mobile Update engine. The solution is a fairly simple one.

Here is how to get it solved:

  • Go to Programs and Features, by search "Start" for "Programs and Features".
  • Scroll to Sony PC companion and  uninstall it.
  • After uninstallation, scroll to "Sony Mobile Update Engine" and uninstall that too.
  • Optional: You can also clear out the "C:\Users\All Users\Sony\Sony PC Companion", you can delete the folder "Sony Pc Companion Folder itself".
  • Restart

Now you can redownload PC Companion from support.sonymobile.com.

NB: After installation, if you're behind proxy you must reset your proxy settings as your system settings would all have been reset.

Early today, 10th of September 2015, Xperia Z users accross Nigeria all got pop ups of a new Available system update. The update brings forth the offical Android 5.1 for users of he Xperi Z device.

Its a wonder Sony is still supporting this device, even after 2 years of its innitial release. Good job Sony.

The update is approximately 407mb and overall, improves stabilty and general performance of the O.S, List of features will be added to this post soon, just began the download of the update.

Learn of the different methods of obtaining the update here.

Enjoy men.