Top 7 Torrent to Direct Link Sites ( ZBIGZ alternatives, Magnet Link to Direct Link Converters )

Are you blocked by some network restriction that prevents downloads from torrent / p2p networks, or your browsing cheat simple doesn't download from Torrent, or perhaps you need a reliable server to download torrents on your behalf for you? then look no further, here are list of some of the 7  (Magnet to direct link) best Torrent to direct download sites with superb service (access to free service was also considered in the sorting).

7. ByteBX

This is also a good torrent to direct download site, doubles up as a cloud storage for storing your files, it supports allows media streaming and photo viewing straight from your drive; also has its own audio media player for playing uploaded files or cached torrent. also allows navigation of cached torrent.

  • Allows streaming of cached / uploaded files
  • user friendly interface
  • allows navigation of cached torrent
  • also a cloud storage for uploading your files
  • Trial / freee use is limited to only 100mb file

6. putdrive

Very attractive premium plans, large download host support, allows connection of other cloud accounts as drives, supports downloading from file hosting sites, torrent and some video sharing sites to your drive (either your putdrive storage or any of your connected drives). also supports conversion of media files.


  • Reasonable pricing for premium plans
  • Supports a large host of file sharing sites
  • Supports a couple of coud storage in addition to its own
  • Not the simplest interface, we've definitely seen more direct intrefaces , 
  • Negligible existence of a free service

5. FilesLoop

Very colourful interface, elegant too, though not the simplest or the most direct among it's peers. There is this very useful search engine, that allows searching through numerous file hosting sites and torrent sites, to retrieve links of files. It also supports downloading from file sharing sites (Uploaded, rapidgator, uploadable, Filefactory, Turboit, 1fichier, mediafire and secureupload) as an addition to caching torrent to direct download.

  • Good queuing system for downloads (doesn't bounce links if your channel is full, it just queues them)
  • useful search engine
  • Wide range of file hosting site support
  • Short trial period
  • Search result can get very clumsy
filesloop (good queuing system for torrents and magnets, doesn't just bounce ur link when channel is full, it allows u start when need / trial period too short)

4. Bitport

A very decent looking torrent to download site, not the most friendly interface for a direct download / torrent caching site. Good trial service, you can download as zip or navigate the directory within your cached torrent; also supports video thumbnail and preview feature, a detailed download queuing and management screen ("Transfers"). The presence of a converter also makes it the best I have seen so far for media related downloads.

  • Good media preview features
  • Can navigate cached torrent folder or download as zip
  • Good queuing and transfer manager
  • Free feature allows download of Torrent larger than trial limit of others
  • Not the simplest interface we've seen so far
  • Free trial has a limited cloud space (2 GB)
  • Free trial as a 100 MB per hour caching policy (very unfair)

3: Filestream 

Another cool Torrent to direct download site, simple interface, very straight forward, allows magnets links and torrent files, their free service offers decent features with a 1gb limit  . Though you can store a couple of files in your storage, very efficient caching system. Files expire after 3 days when not in premium mode.

  • Simple and straight forward interface
  • allows navigation of downloaded folders for downloading of single files off the lot
  • allows zipping of files before download
  • Free service gives you quite a bit of their reliable service, albeit with a 1gb download limit
  • Gives you a choice for either downloading via SSL, or no SSL.
  • No video preview
  • If you're looking to use the free service, have in mind it won't cache files above 1 GB.
  • Chiko robot fills my email :(

2: Torrent2DDL 

A good free service, very good free service; but performs caching only unto to file sharing sites, as at the time of writing, uptobox and 1fichier are still the only two, supported. They formerly had an additional feature "debrid" button, which generates premium links using rapidgator. Their service is totally free.


  • Free service
  • No size limitation
  • Debrid feature (very fast links for free)
  • You can use your uptobox / 1fichier premium user profile to power the speed of your download


  • No cloud storage service, aside from conversation of torrents to the supported share sites
  • All downloads are zipped, you can't navigate withing the zip to download only the needed file
  • No video preview or convert feature (not reall an important feature, even in the others)

1:   ZBIGZ

Well, this is certainly the most popular site of the lot, effortlessly easy service, simple and user-friendly interface, if you need to get the job done without wasting too much time navigating unneeded structures, this is the best of them all, It doubles up as a cloud storage  and direct - download system.

  • HTTPS for secure communication
  • Supports Magnet links and Torrent files
  • Also serves as Cloud Storage.
  • Very fast download speed (Premium)
  • Supports compression of folders, and navigation of downloaded torrent folder.
  • Compressed file link supports resume
  • Premium caching speed is insanely FAST.
  • Stream your media directly
  • Free / Trial service is very poor (especially caching speed),
  • Free / Trial permits only 1024 mb  ~ 1GB
  • Free / Trial service has a limit of only 2 files in storage
  • Free / Trial won't cache when you are away from the site.


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    May I recommend YetiShare as an alternative. It is a file hosting script that allows you to create your own file sharing site. You can add the torrent plugin to make it a torrent download site also.

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    1. Seedr is the best in 2018.Even for free users it provides directory structuring and 4.5GB space at max.

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