Download Link: UCOM and other Cheap (Chinese) Controller Vibration / Force Feedback Drivers

UCOM controllers or the nameless button pads are the 600 naira controllers we've all bought at some point or rented from Haastrup back in Jaja days to do some quick gaming. (image below).
There are many different controllers in computer village now, and UCOM is the most common of those fragile controllers out there.

They seem cheap but aside from being ergonomical copies to the Playstation 2 controller, many users fail to realise that these cheap controllers can Vibrate.

"Yeah, it supports Force Feedback"

Most of Nigerian gamers who buy this controller, tear open it's ugly box, pull out the conroller and discards the whole pack, along with the "sometime included usb-driver disc". Sure this pads are plug and play usb devices, but they do not support vibration through default Windows generic drivers.

That tiny disc you discarded is the key. So, incase you discarded yours too, heres are links to the vibration drivers for ;

  • The twin controller / 2 in one controller (those jointed pads with ver fragile cables)
  • Single USB controller
  • PS2 controller / Dualshock 2 to PC converter driver
  • USB racing wheel
The good side is, this Ucom controllers also work perfectly with the Xbox360CE application, hence those games you've been emulating xbox360 controllers for, would now support Vibration.

Here are the download links to them all. 

Dual Controller / Twin USB controller / 2 in one usb controller:

Single USB Controller

PS2 / Dualshock 2 to PC converter:

USB Racing Wheel



  1. please tell me how to download these from 4

    1. follow the link on this site to 4 shared, click on the download button, sign up with one of the accounts(i used facebook) ignore the pop up window or just close it, hit the free download button and wait for the countdown to end and your file will start downloading

  2. can you please upload Twin USB controller driver in google drive. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. This link No more long Supported

  4. I know that those support force feedback but my current computer doesn't have disk drive so I cant use the CD that came with the controllers, Thanks a lot , greetings from Libya

  5. I used to have one of these before and I saw my friends buying different controllers all the time but my own lasted till I gave it away. I just got one and am running win 7 still having doubts if it'll work.

  6. Tried installing it but it keeps saying i should make sure i have installed DirectX 7.0 first...please what do i do