Xperia Z offcial Android 5.1 Update now Available in Nigeria / Africa via OTA

Early today, 10th of September 2015, Xperia Z users accross Nigeria all got pop ups of a new Available system update. The update brings forth the offical Android 5.1 for users of he Xperi Z device.

Its a wonder Sony is still supporting this device, even after 2 years of its innitial release. Good job Sony.

The update is approximately 407mb and overall, improves stabilty and general performance of the O.S, List of features will be added to this post soon, just began the download of the update.

Learn of the different methods of obtaining the update here.

Enjoy men.

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  1. what happens when i get this error as am trying to update sony xperia z c6603 " startup error" error code UEGetphoneinfomissinginfo