Solution: Audio issues when Laptop connected via HDMI to TV

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Hi! guys. Ever ran into that issue where you connect your Laptop to an external display, e.g TV; but AUDIO still comes from your Laptop's speaker. Half of the time a system restart fixes this, but just in case you restart and it doesn't still work, here are quick steps to get it fixed.

I ran into this issue today and here is how I got it fixed. The most probable cause of this is a driver conflict. To get it resolved,

  • Open Device Manager (Windows 10: right click "Start" and click Device Manager or Right Click - My Computer and click Manage then click Device Manager).
  • Among the listed items (Mostly under "System Devices"), there should be an item with a "yellow exclamation mark" as depicted in the image below

  • Right click the item and click uninstall
  • Restart your system or simply right click and refresh.