Solution to MEAN.IO Error- mean init Prerequisite not Installed Git

I recently just picked up MEAN.IO, and decided to work on my Windows machine today, Set up everything but one one thing, initialize a new MEAN project, gave me all the time "Prerequisite not installed: git". If you experience this too and have git installed already, don't beat up yourself so hard, it's a simple fix.

The solution simply to be to install git, but like in my case, git was already installed, but I preferred to work with Git Bash than integrating git with windows cmd. So, git was not in my environment variable. This can be done by:

  • Right click on "This PC" or "My Computer" and click properties.
  • Go to "Advanced" tab
  • Click on Environment Variables

  • In the Environment Variables window, go to system variables section and edit "path"
  • add to the end of the list the path to the cmd and bin folder of your git setup.
In my case, git was installed in  "...AppData\Local\Programs\Git", hence I added the path to bin and cmd. e.g "...AppData\Local\Programs\Git\cmd\".  That should fix it :)


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