Change Excel grouping and decimal symbols - Mac

A bit weird, I ran into this situation earlier today, I needed to change the thousand grouping symbol from " "   to  "  ,  " but could not find the right section to change from, oddly the option to change this symbol was not in the application preference. After some fiddling around, finally got it to change. The solution was to change it from System Preference as shown below.

To change on the symbol:

Go to System Preference, and in the System Preference landing page,  from the options select Languages and Regions (as indicated in the image below).

System Preference Screen.

When the Language & Region screen shows up, go to the bottom right corner of the window and select Advance (just as indicated in the image below).

In the advanced setup page, change the symbols under the Numbers and separators. You may set this to suit your preference but don't forget to click on OK after this to persist your changes.

And that is it! Afterwards, go to your Excel stylesheet, attempt to format cell and select Number format under Category, and you can see the "Use 1000 Separator"'s symbol has changed as shown below:

Enjoy, if you run into any other problem, leave a comment below and I'll try to attend to you as soon as I can.


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