Setting Screen Offset | Scaling to Show missing details on Windows 10 (Intel GFX Card)

yeah, I recently could not get a right zoom level from my TV to show the bottom border's of active icons when in 1080, so I decided to adjust the screen offset a bit, and set a profile for TV mode. How? here is simple procedure.

This procedure is for those with an Intel HD card. 
  • Right click on your desktop
  • Click Graphic Properties and the screen below pops out
  • Select Display, to get to the menu where the screen offset can be adjusted.

  • Under the Settings menu "Scaling", select the appropriate scaling type that suits you and click on apply, if not solves your problem, select custom Aspect Ratio.
  • Adjust the knobs beside and beneath the little girl, in my case modifying the vertical knob a bit, allowed the bottom bars under icons in Taskbar to pop up.


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