Windows 10 BSODs gets a facelift :)

bsod wit hqr

I ran into a BSOD yesterday, yes BSODs are quite unfortunate to experience but on a brighter note, it looked different :D. Almost same but some very noticeable face-lifts.

The on the  QR is a url, pointed to Which is the same url in the new polite message accompanying the BSOD, which states:

for more information about this issue and possible fixes, visit
if you call a support person, give them this info:
Stop Code: xxxxxxxx

Presently the website shows you a questionnaire that can hopefully resolve it but I feel it will be a bit more helpful for everyone to have the stopcode added to the link in the QR.

Bye! :D

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  1. LOL with Windows 10 this has become so frequent, and to help us Microsoft do that instead of actually fixing Win10, good job Microsoft.