Today, Just a few hours after Gamestop drops PS4 trade in price, Media Markt starts a 20% off sales of all PS4 in stock. This definitely means, a new model or a massive price cut is near.

Sony plans to unveil the new PS4 codenamed "Neo" in early September. It has been a matter of serious speculations of an impending price drop, and amidst the reports of  falls in the cost of production per units, it is no surprise that special sales start popping up everywhere. Media Markt also begins discount sales of 20% today.
This confirms the ushering of a new PS4 version, a slim version or Neo may be priced similarly to the previous PS4 editions.

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Yesterday my old Z2 pop up with a new System update message, its a major update as it is 642.5 MB Large. Little is known about what the update brings, but I have noticed some improvements.

Xperia Z2 update

So far, some of the changes I have noticed are:

  • Overall performance seems better, it wasn't all that bad before though
  • Front facing camera quality was ruined in the last update but now seems back and better.
  • The aggressive Vibration from the phone has been seriously toned down. "sighs".. finally. :D

bsod wit hqr

I ran into a BSOD yesterday, yes BSODs are quite unfortunate to experience but on a brighter note, it looked different :D. Almost same but some very noticeable face-lifts.

The on the  QR is a url, pointed to Which is the same url in the new polite message accompanying the BSOD, which states:

for more information about this issue and possible fixes, visit
if you call a support person, give them this info:
Stop Code: xxxxxxxx

Presently the website shows you a questionnaire that can hopefully resolve it but I feel it will be a bit more helpful for everyone to have the stopcode added to the link in the QR.

Bye! :D

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Yay :D Weeks after the announcement of Premium Partnership with Barcelona, Konami announces they have signed another Premium Partnership agreement with Liverpool FC.

This means accurate Jersey, player faces and individual playstyles of players. Konami is really going all out this time and as a long undying fan of the series, I am glad :D . Pes 2016 was fantastic, With the big announcements, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will certainly be much better.

I can't wait to see Sadio Mane and Henderson in PES 2017 recreation of Liverpool.

Visit here for more on this.

Here is the solution for those who get to run into this annoying restart loop, where you constantly get the BSOD DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (btfilter.sys) and sometime get a System_Service_Exception.

This error, as you might have inferenced it is caused by your Bluetooth driver, corruption of the driver can be from several causes such as:
  • Installation of a buggy driver
  • Fiddling with the Bluetooth driver too frequently (esp when trying to get Bluetooth controllers to work using some unofficial methods)
  • Power failure or abrupt interruption when updating the BT driver etc
The solution to this fault is very simple, find a way to make it to Safe mode. 
  • Boot into safe mode
    • Windows 10 and 8 users: 
      • When system is starting hold down shift key, and select "See Advanced Repair Options".
      • Select "Troubleshoot" 
      • Select "Advanced Options".
      • Select "Startup Settings".
      • Follow the on-screen prompts
    • Other Windows (7/Vista/ etc)
      • When system is booting repeatedly tap F8 to bring up the menu
      • select "Safe Mode"
  • Uninstall the Bluetooth Driver:
    • right click

yeah, I recently could not get a right zoom level from my TV to show the bottom border's of active icons when in 1080, so I decided to adjust the screen offset a bit, and set a profile for TV mode. How? here is simple procedure.

This procedure is for those with an Intel HD card. 
  • Right click on your desktop
  • Click Graphic Properties and the screen below pops out
  • Select Display, to get to the menu where the screen offset can be adjusted.

  • Under the Settings menu "Scaling", select the appropriate scaling type that suits you and click on apply, if not solves your problem, select custom Aspect Ratio.
  • Adjust the knobs beside and beneath the little girl, in my case modifying the vertical knob a bit, allowed the bottom bars under icons in Taskbar to pop up.

With the anniversary update last week, Windows 10 finally officially allows for a dark mode in Theme. With the dark mode, you no longer have to glare at the eye-piercing light/white background, especially when working or programming with lights off.

To achieve this,

  • Right-click on your desktop and click Personalize
  • On the left menu click on "Colors".

  • Scroll down till you get to "Choose your App mode"

  • Select Dark