CGI Animated Short Film: Dotted Lines

A friend of mine, Gbenga Medunoye (founder of Laxus Animation) just made his first animated short film, titled Dotted Lines. The film depicts a young girl's traumatic ordeal with a form of depression induced by loneliness. The Animation samples vocals of Jamie Bell from Greenday's music video titled "Wake Me Up When September Ends".

The short film was made totally from ground up by Gbenga, who recently went into the field of CGI and 3d Modelling, it is a good start, seeing a Nigerian build this up with a simple laptop, yet making such wonderful effort as to creating his film in just few months after devoting time to learning 3d Modelling.

Have a look at the video below:

Although lots of improvements can still be made, especially with regards to the number of frames per seconds, but nonetheless, this was built over a very minute (non-existent) budget. With a reasonable budget and the proper tools, it is clearly obvious he can piece together an awesome animated, AFRICAN MADE animated movie.

Please show some him some support through here his GoFundMe campaign, he hopes to bring traditional African stories to life through CGI and his startup "Laxus Animations".

To help Laxus Animation grow!!!! click here.


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