Sony Unveils Xperia XZ Premium at MWC2017 (Specifications)

After a disappointing run of form in 2016, sony finally gears up and goes all out in 2017. Cramping so much troll features into the Xperia XZ upgrade. Sony finally seems ready to compete with Samsung and Google. Everything about the phone is exciting, right from larger camera pixel sizes, to display resolution and super-slow-mo ability.

Camera (Super Slow MO, Large)

Before now, Sony cameras in recent times, especially before Xperia XZ, have been disappointing, which makes us wonder why they make very good camera sensors for Samsung an Apple yet, don't make good cameras for their own brand. This year Sony gears up perfectly to change all that.

The device features predictive capture and super slow mo (first for a mobile device), enabling users to capture videos at 960fps for an amazing super slow motion effect (Bullet time like), THAT IS AMAZING.

It also features larger pixels than that of Xperia XZ, making the camera much much better even at a lower resolution of 19MP. The front camera remains at an awesome 13MP.

Display (4K + HDR)

I totally did not buy the old Xperia XZ for 2 reasons, the display and the RAM (even though 3gb is more than sufficient for 1080p). I didn't really care much about the processor (820 was good enough) but sticking to 1080p was not welcomed. This year Sony brings back 4K resolution from Xperia Z5 premium and tops it up with HDR support (I can already imagine PS4 remote play with HDR :D :D :D :D ). It is another first for a mobile device. 
The display comes at 5.5",  which is good but I would have preferred it came at 5.7" like the S7 edge, at 4k this won't do much damage to the already monstrous pixel density.

Hardware (Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM)

XZ premium comes with the latest Snapdragon 835, with a 4GB Ram (as expected for a 4k + H DR display). It's a BEAST!.It comes with 64GB internal memory expandable to 128GB. Now, that is awesome!

Design (Glass on both ends

)Glass back returns to the XZ, featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 on both the front and rear. It comes, it looks pretty similar to the Xperia XZ; retains the beauty but in larger more glassy form.

More on Xperia XZ premium here.


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