Solution to MikTex Permission Denied Error During Installation

Ever experienced this error when installing MikText for using latex on windows. This was a weird one, given we ran the installation as admin and in an administrator privileged account yet the error kept given this error. The solution was very simple and direct.

Restarting may not really help you out with this. What worked was installing in safe mode. This can be gotten to on Windows 10 in several different ways.

  • Right click on Start and click run (or simply type in Windows Key + R).
  • Type in msonfig
  • Within MSConfig, click on the boot tab.
  • Click on Safe Boot (ignore the sub options).
  • Click on Apply, ok and restart your PC.
The setup should run perfectly. (Repeat the above process to disable Safe Boot)

When you are back in normal mode, go to Command Prompt, and tpe pdflatex and see it work :

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  1. The main issue with installation errors is related to changing the name of the MikTex setup file: Do not change the name of the installation file and you should have no problems.