Augustine Eguavoen in Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear, Did you Notice?

As we all are (well, most of us MGS players) aware of Hideo Kojima's good story writing and his knack for breaking 4th wall or adding funny gags to his games, which has earned his place among the top game producers of all time.

Many noticed the closeness in the names of "militaires sans frontieres" and "medecins sans frontieres" :D. But few noticed the similarity between the name of Augustine Eguabon (leader of  the separatist  guerrilla faction also called the Gindra Liberation in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel) and Augustine Eguavoen who was a former professional footballer for the super eagls, and former manager of the Nigerian national team.

It is believed by many Nigerian MGS fans that the inspiration for the name hails from the Nigerian footballer's name.

Augustine Eguabon
Augustine Eguavoen


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