Splinter Cell: Blacklist vs Metal gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain

Only 3 days left to the release of the highly anticipated game; "Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom pain", having played Blacklist, which is most recent edition of the Splinter Cell series, and MGS: ground zeroes, here is an article to help fans who have been arguing greatly which is the better game of the two. The comparison will be based on Ground zeroes and pre-release footages of the MGS 5: Phantom Pain.

Here's a comparison based on Gameplay, Plot, Visual and Replayability.

Game Play:

"Splinter Cell: Blacklist" wowed me with its embrace of wild gameplay (ah! finally). Players now can choose to go stealth or commando, a feature that makes it even more fun, as the stealth constrictions can get very boring at times. Though the option of going commando or stealthing has been in all MGS releases to date but the real comparison is the quality of play, amount of options and overall simulation of real espionage and infiltration. 

Even with the major modification to the gameplay, Blacklist still feels a bit more like "MGS 4: Guns of Patriot", strict A-B passage with few options to how stages can be beaten, but "MGS: Phantom Pain" and "MGS: Ground Zeroes" have taken this to another level. Given players complete freedom to how missions can be completed. 

Going commando still awfully feels difficult in "Splinter Cell" though, so it is still very much advisable to go stealth. But in both games, you'll definitely enjoy the game more with stealth than commando (beating MGS 3 non-lethally was refreshing :D).

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:  8 / 10  (Very good but a bit linear)
MGS 5: Phantom Pain:  10/10  (very good with so much tactical freedom)


In modern day gaming, plot plays a big role as games become more and more like movies. Blacklist features a very good plot; about foiling the plans of the well organised terrorist group, taking the player across different countries in a BIG super plane (The Paladin). Though when the plot is compared, MGS has always been known for their deep plot, drama, and well-woven storyline. Though newcomers may have issues, syncing with the storyline as a whole, but the stories from the previous ones have been autonomous enough to allow newcomers enjoy and go after the previous ones, but for old timers. Only RPGs try to work hard enough to get as much plot quality as MGS.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:  7 / 10 (Very good, but not really original as such)
MGS 5: Phantom Pain:  9/10    (Deep, original though newcomers may feel estranged)

Visuals and Graphics

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Well, Given that "Phantom Pain" is a more recent game nad this very comparison will be unfair, I will compare based on similar games of their release period. Blacklist spots a very good graphics, powerful lighting and shadows, the Benghazi extraction mission is very well detailed and overall, explosions, shading etc are all perfect compared to games in its release year. "MGS 5 Phantom Pain" is deep, dynamic lighting and weather, incredible scenes from the playthroughs. Definitely a masterpiece in the 2015 release year as well.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:  9 / 10 (Very good, night and day scenes are good)
MGS 5: Phantom Pain:  10 / 10    (Very good, character detail both main and other NPC are superb, Sandstorm effect :D)


Splinter cell features soo many upgrades and side missions to help get money to unlock more updates, though the side missions are not needed to beat the game neither will the money you make from them needed to beat the game, but they're fun and challenging enough to worth being replayed. MGS however, also scores big in this regard, in fact, Ground Zeroes is made up of almost only side missions :D. as well as the numerous options to how the game can be beaten, previous MGS have seen players replaying it for several reasons, like non-lethal completion. 

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:  9 / 10 ( lots of side missions)
MGS 5: Phantom Pain:  9 / 10    (will probably have side missions too, but plot length may prevent replaying too many times)


 Obviously, MGS 5: Phantom Pain, has it's clearly the better game of the two.


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