Solution: 'Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered' error

Ever felt that few seconds lag or freeze, after your back-light goes off due to inactivity, you hit a keyboard or your mouse and the screen shows black for a while, then suddenly flickers back on, and functions normally, but brings out a message.

"Display Driver Stopped Responding......."

The most common cause of this error is the presence of outdated display driver, it can be fixed easily using any of the 3 solutions below. 

Fix 1: Windows Update:

Sometimes windows update delivers latest drivers, especially ones that are essential to fixing errors, so head over to windows update (If you're onWindows 10, goto start -> settings -> Update & security) and check for update, chances are windows update will deliver the latest update for your graphic card, especially if it's intel onboard graphic card.

as depicted above, windows update downloading the latest driver or the graphic card. Sometimes drivers come up in the optional update screen (windows 7 and 8).

Fix 2: Driver Update Softwares

If windows update does not come up with a new driver for your devices, you can try any of the 3 software mentioned below; 
they will scan your system, search online archives for newer versions and download the update, give this programs a shot, they mostly endup fixing more problems than original problem.

screen from SlimDrivers

Fix 3: OEM Driver:

If the above solutions didn't work, I'll recommend going to device manager;

  • Search start for Device Manager
  • Right click "My computer " or "This Computer"  click Manage, then in the Computer Management Screen, click device manager
  • you can also access it by; Window key +R (to bring up run box) enter compmgmt.msc, when the computer management screen comes up, click on "device manager".

Note the name of the misbehaving graphic card, and go search for the driver from the manufacturer's website.

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  1. I also had this headache. This error popped out about every 8 minutes and that really drove me crazy. Combined the tips from this post and another post I repaired the driver with Driver Talent and reboot. The error never popped up again. So the possible reason of mine is the bad graphics driver.