How to Easily Migrate Your Website Between Different Web Hosts using Multcloud

Many times we switch between different web hosting services, due to the need for a more efficient package, or better service, etc. The most strenuous part of this process is not securing these packages, but moving the files of each website between the different hosts; especially for very large sites (gigabytes), downloading and uploading into different host can be a big hassle. Well, there is an easier way :)

MultCloud, a FREE and easy-to-use web app, supports for Managing Files and Transferring Files across Cloud Drives. A free service, that allows you link up one profile, to all your cloud drives, allowing you access all the drives, web hosts FTPs etc from one screen :D. It only does not unite your drives but allows an easy way of transferring files between this dirves or services.

Steps to Migrate Between Hosts

Here are the steps to migrate a website, or website files, between 2 different hosts.

Step 1: Create FTP accounts 

We start by creating ftp profiles through the cpanel of our hosts, create one on each of the host. this connection will enable us link the web-space with multicloud.

paying close attention to the home directory of the FTP account, make sure the web folder or files you want to copy are reacheable from the specified home directory.

STEP 2: Connect The Accounts to Multi-Cloud

After creating the FTP accounts, the next step is to connect the accounts with MultiCloud, note your FTP connection details, head over to Sign up with them, and connect the accounts; the procedure is pretty straight forward, but the pictures below can serve as a guide.

Click on "Add Cloud Drive", select FTP in the next option and fill in the details.

Fill in the details, as registered with your hosts, for the two accounts you will be transferring from.


After all this is done, you will be able to see your newly added host accounts on the left end of the side, navigate to the desired directory, and transfer your files, a simple highlight-copy/paste is possible between the accounts, and you can simply use the more organised transfer button at the top, to queue up transfer or migration batch jobs.

When using ordinary copy/paste feature
Transfer Service


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