Solution: Joomla not Automatically Finding Updates

Ever got that annoying message when installing an extension and Joomla  gives you the error message:


Joomla! 3.3.1 is not supported. Minimum required version is Joomla! 3.3.6, but it is highly recommended to use Joomla! 3.4.1 or later.
If you've never been notified by Joomla, when logged in to your control panel about the a new version release; based on what you selected as the update server channel, in the Joomla! Update component. Chances are, your cache needs to be purged.

This also applies to those, whose Joomla tells them their version is already up-to-date, here is the simple fix.


Here's the fix to this pesky little problem. 
  • Head over to Component -> Joomla! Update. 
  • (otional) "If your website is a live version, already in use or uploaded to the internet, I recommend clicking the options button in the Joomla! Update component page, if not already set, change the update server to "Long term support recommended" to get the most stable release, that won't bug you for an update in a long while."
    and click save and close.
  • Click on the Purge Cache button,
    and that's it!. Your Update pop-up as displayed below.

For further necessary actions to take after a successful update procedure, visit the official Joomla documentation page by clicking here


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