Only 3 days left to the release of the highly anticipated game; "Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom pain", having played Blacklist, which is most recent edition of the Splinter Cell series, and MGS: ground zeroes, here is an article to help fans who have been arguing greatly which is the better game of the two. The comparison will be based on Ground zeroes and pre-release footages of the MGS 5: Phantom Pain.

Here's a comparison based on Gameplay, Plot, Visual and Replayability.

Game Play:

"Splinter Cell: Blacklist" wowed me with its embrace of wild gameplay (ah! finally). Players now can choose to go stealth or commando, a feature that makes it even more fun, as the stealth constrictions can get very boring at times. Though the option of going commando or stealthing has been in all MGS releases to date but the real comparison is the quality of play, amount of options and overall simulation of real espionage and infiltration. 

Even with the major modification to the gameplay, Blacklist still feels a bit more like "MGS 4: Guns of Patriot", strict A-B passage with few options to how stages can be beaten, but "MGS: Phantom Pain" and "MGS: Ground Zeroes" have taken this to another level. Given players complete freedom to how missions can be completed. 

Going commando still awfully feels difficult in "Splinter Cell" though, so it is still very much advisable to go stealth. But in both games, you'll definitely enjoy the game more with stealth than commando (beating MGS 3 non-lethally was refreshing :D).

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:  8 / 10  (Very good but a bit linear)
MGS 5: Phantom Pain:  10/10  (very good with so much tactical freedom)


In modern day gaming, plot plays a big role as games become more and more like movies. Blacklist features a very good plot; about foiling the plans of the well organised terrorist group, taking the player across different countries in a BIG super plane (The Paladin). Though when the plot is compared, MGS has always been known for their deep plot, drama, and well-woven storyline. Though newcomers may have issues, syncing with the storyline as a whole, but the stories from the previous ones have been autonomous enough to allow newcomers enjoy and go after the previous ones, but for old timers. Only RPGs try to work hard enough to get as much plot quality as MGS.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:  7 / 10 (Very good, but not really original as such)
MGS 5: Phantom Pain:  9/10    (Deep, original though newcomers may feel estranged)

Visuals and Graphics

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Well, Given that "Phantom Pain" is a more recent game nad this very comparison will be unfair, I will compare based on similar games of their release period. Blacklist spots a very good graphics, powerful lighting and shadows, the Benghazi extraction mission is very well detailed and overall, explosions, shading etc are all perfect compared to games in its release year. "MGS 5 Phantom Pain" is deep, dynamic lighting and weather, incredible scenes from the playthroughs. Definitely a masterpiece in the 2015 release year as well.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:  9 / 10 (Very good, night and day scenes are good)
MGS 5: Phantom Pain:  10 / 10    (Very good, character detail both main and other NPC are superb, Sandstorm effect :D)


Splinter cell features soo many upgrades and side missions to help get money to unlock more updates, though the side missions are not needed to beat the game neither will the money you make from them needed to beat the game, but they're fun and challenging enough to worth being replayed. MGS however, also scores big in this regard, in fact, Ground Zeroes is made up of almost only side missions :D. as well as the numerous options to how the game can be beaten, previous MGS have seen players replaying it for several reasons, like non-lethal completion. 

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:  9 / 10 ( lots of side missions)
MGS 5: Phantom Pain:  9 / 10    (will probably have side missions too, but plot length may prevent replaying too many times)


 Obviously, MGS 5: Phantom Pain, has it's clearly the better game of the two.

If during installation of the new Realtek Audio Driver, you are asked to restart, and after each restart you get the message about the install procedure which reads, (a) uninstall current driver restart (b) install driver, with the "next" button starting the uninstallation of the present driver, only to realise after restart, the same message comes up, over and over and over again (LOOP). You might also notice, your PC may not be producing any sound while this error persists.

Solution / Fix

The simple fix to this annoying bootloop is simple, when the driver installer comes up with the message, mimimize the screen or "Windows + D" to minimize all window and goto desktop.

Step 1: Uninstall Realtek Sound Driver in Device Manager

You can access "Device Manager" by: 
  • Right click "This PC" or "My Computer" on your desktop and click manage, or Window + R to show run box, enter "compmgmt.msc" and click on enter.
  • Click on Device manager
  • Goto Sounds, Video and Game controllers.
  • Right click "Realtek High definition Audio"
  • Click on Uninstall.

Step 2: Restart

Goto the driver installer, and click next, let it do its thing and restart. 

NB: If the "Dolby advanced audio" application bugs you about any error, ignore it, after the installation and restart, all will be intact


As we all are (well, most of us MGS players) aware of Hideo Kojima's good story writing and his knack for breaking 4th wall or adding funny gags to his games, which has earned his place among the top game producers of all time.

Many noticed the closeness in the names of "militaires sans frontieres" and "medecins sans frontieres" :D. But few noticed the similarity between the name of Augustine Eguabon (leader of  the separatist  guerrilla faction also called the Gindra Liberation in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel) and Augustine Eguavoen who was a former professional footballer for the super eagls, and former manager of the Nigerian national team.

It is believed by many Nigerian MGS fans that the inspiration for the name hails from the Nigerian footballer's name.

Augustine Eguabon
Augustine Eguavoen

Many times we switch between different web hosting services, due to the need for a more efficient package, or better service, etc. The most strenuous part of this process is not securing these packages, but moving the files of each website between the different hosts; especially for very large sites (gigabytes), downloading and uploading into different host can be a big hassle. Well, there is an easier way :)

MultCloud, a FREE and easy-to-use web app, supports for Managing Files and Transferring Files across Cloud Drives. A free service, that allows you link up one profile, to all your cloud drives, allowing you access all the drives, web hosts FTPs etc from one screen :D. It only does not unite your drives but allows an easy way of transferring files between this dirves or services.

Steps to Migrate Between Hosts

Here are the steps to migrate a website, or website files, between 2 different hosts.

Step 1: Create FTP accounts 

We start by creating ftp profiles through the cpanel of our hosts, create one on each of the host. this connection will enable us link the web-space with multicloud.

paying close attention to the home directory of the FTP account, make sure the web folder or files you want to copy are reacheable from the specified home directory.

STEP 2: Connect The Accounts to Multi-Cloud

After creating the FTP accounts, the next step is to connect the accounts with MultiCloud, note your FTP connection details, head over to Sign up with them, and connect the accounts; the procedure is pretty straight forward, but the pictures below can serve as a guide.

Click on "Add Cloud Drive", select FTP in the next option and fill in the details.

Fill in the details, as registered with your hosts, for the two accounts you will be transferring from.


After all this is done, you will be able to see your newly added host accounts on the left end of the side, navigate to the desired directory, and transfer your files, a simple highlight-copy/paste is possible between the accounts, and you can simply use the more organised transfer button at the top, to queue up transfer or migration batch jobs.

When using ordinary copy/paste feature
Transfer Service

Ever felt that few seconds lag or freeze, after your back-light goes off due to inactivity, you hit a keyboard or your mouse and the screen shows black for a while, then suddenly flickers back on, and functions normally, but brings out a message.

"Display Driver Stopped Responding......."

The most common cause of this error is the presence of outdated display driver, it can be fixed easily using any of the 3 solutions below. 

Fix 1: Windows Update:

Sometimes windows update delivers latest drivers, especially ones that are essential to fixing errors, so head over to windows update (If you're onWindows 10, goto start -> settings -> Update & security) and check for update, chances are windows update will deliver the latest update for your graphic card, especially if it's intel onboard graphic card.

as depicted above, windows update downloading the latest driver or the graphic card. Sometimes drivers come up in the optional update screen (windows 7 and 8).

Fix 2: Driver Update Softwares

If windows update does not come up with a new driver for your devices, you can try any of the 3 software mentioned below; 
they will scan your system, search online archives for newer versions and download the update, give this programs a shot, they mostly endup fixing more problems than original problem.

screen from SlimDrivers

Fix 3: OEM Driver:

If the above solutions didn't work, I'll recommend going to device manager;

  • Search start for Device Manager
  • Right click "My computer " or "This Computer"  click Manage, then in the Computer Management Screen, click device manager
  • you can also access it by; Window key +R (to bring up run box) enter compmgmt.msc, when the computer management screen comes up, click on "device manager".

Note the name of the misbehaving graphic card, and go search for the driver from the manufacturer's website.

Are you blocked by some network restriction that prevents downloads from torrent / p2p networks, or your browsing cheat simple doesn't download from Torrent, or perhaps you need a reliable server to download torrents on your behalf for you? then look no further, here are list of some of the 7  (Magnet to direct link) best Torrent to direct download sites with superb service (access to free service was also considered in the sorting).

7. ByteBX

This is also a good torrent to direct download site, doubles up as a cloud storage for storing your files, it supports allows media streaming and photo viewing straight from your drive; also has its own audio media player for playing uploaded files or cached torrent. also allows navigation of cached torrent.

  • Allows streaming of cached / uploaded files
  • user friendly interface
  • allows navigation of cached torrent
  • also a cloud storage for uploading your files
  • Trial / freee use is limited to only 100mb file

6. putdrive

Very attractive premium plans, large download host support, allows connection of other cloud accounts as drives, supports downloading from file hosting sites, torrent and some video sharing sites to your drive (either your putdrive storage or any of your connected drives). also supports conversion of media files.


  • Reasonable pricing for premium plans
  • Supports a large host of file sharing sites
  • Supports a couple of coud storage in addition to its own
  • Not the simplest interface, we've definitely seen more direct intrefaces , 
  • Negligible existence of a free service

5. FilesLoop

Very colourful interface, elegant too, though not the simplest or the most direct among it's peers. There is this very useful search engine, that allows searching through numerous file hosting sites and torrent sites, to retrieve links of files. It also supports downloading from file sharing sites (Uploaded, rapidgator, uploadable, Filefactory, Turboit, 1fichier, mediafire and secureupload) as an addition to caching torrent to direct download.

  • Good queuing system for downloads (doesn't bounce links if your channel is full, it just queues them)
  • useful search engine
  • Wide range of file hosting site support
  • Short trial period
  • Search result can get very clumsy
filesloop (good queuing system for torrents and magnets, doesn't just bounce ur link when channel is full, it allows u start when need / trial period too short)

4. Bitport

A very decent looking torrent to download site, not the most friendly interface for a direct download / torrent caching site. Good trial service, you can download as zip or navigate the directory within your cached torrent; also supports video thumbnail and preview feature, a detailed download queuing and management screen ("Transfers"). The presence of a converter also makes it the best I have seen so far for media related downloads.

  • Good media preview features
  • Can navigate cached torrent folder or download as zip
  • Good queuing and transfer manager
  • Free feature allows download of Torrent larger than trial limit of others
  • Not the simplest interface we've seen so far
  • Free trial has a limited cloud space (2 GB)
  • Free trial as a 100 MB per hour caching policy (very unfair)

3: Filestream 

Another cool Torrent to direct download site, simple interface, very straight forward, allows magnets links and torrent files, their free service offers decent features with a 1gb limit  . Though you can store a couple of files in your storage, very efficient caching system. Files expire after 3 days when not in premium mode.

  • Simple and straight forward interface
  • allows navigation of downloaded folders for downloading of single files off the lot
  • allows zipping of files before download
  • Free service gives you quite a bit of their reliable service, albeit with a 1gb download limit
  • Gives you a choice for either downloading via SSL, or no SSL.
  • No video preview
  • If you're looking to use the free service, have in mind it won't cache files above 1 GB.
  • Chiko robot fills my email :(

2: Torrent2DDL 

A good free service, very good free service; but performs caching only unto to file sharing sites, as at the time of writing, uptobox and 1fichier are still the only two, supported. They formerly had an additional feature "debrid" button, which generates premium links using rapidgator. Their service is totally free.


  • Free service
  • No size limitation
  • Debrid feature (very fast links for free)
  • You can use your uptobox / 1fichier premium user profile to power the speed of your download


  • No cloud storage service, aside from conversation of torrents to the supported share sites
  • All downloads are zipped, you can't navigate withing the zip to download only the needed file
  • No video preview or convert feature (not reall an important feature, even in the others)

1:   ZBIGZ

Well, this is certainly the most popular site of the lot, effortlessly easy service, simple and user-friendly interface, if you need to get the job done without wasting too much time navigating unneeded structures, this is the best of them all, It doubles up as a cloud storage  and direct - download system.

  • HTTPS for secure communication
  • Supports Magnet links and Torrent files
  • Also serves as Cloud Storage.
  • Very fast download speed (Premium)
  • Supports compression of folders, and navigation of downloaded torrent folder.
  • Compressed file link supports resume
  • Premium caching speed is insanely FAST.
  • Stream your media directly
  • Free / Trial service is very poor (especially caching speed),
  • Free / Trial permits only 1024 mb  ~ 1GB
  • Free / Trial service has a limit of only 2 files in storage
  • Free / Trial won't cache when you are away from the site.

Ever heard of the Firefox O.S? Well, this is another Linux-kernel based O.S for smartphones and tablets (like Android, MeeGo, Ubuntu Touch, Tizen, Sailfish etc) developed by the same people behind the firefox browser; Mozilla.
Using B2GDroid (Boot to Gecko Droid), you won't have to install the full O.S to get a simple feel of the O.S, it installs itself on your device via the apk, it won't replace your Android, no risk of data loss.

Firefox O.S on Xperia Z

it provides the basic features of the O.S, (a fair trade considering the list of supported devices of the full O.S is till small, this allows you feel the beauty of the O.S), while only just existing / accessible as another launcher in your Android device, it comes bundled with some of the main Firefox O.S apps like Marketplace, Gallery, Music, Video, Contacts etc).

 It also provides access through its app drawer to your Android apps, making it a full blown launcher as well. (Scroll down for download link).

About B2GDroid

The App runs in immersive mode, overlaying itself over your screen ( hiding the original status bar and  navigation bar hidden), the visible notification bar, is Firefox OS' own and a single navigation button in place of Android's buttons.

As can be seen in the image above, left shows Firefox O.S from b2gdroid, and right image shows the real Firefox O.S, the launcher, status bar and navigation buttons are completely same.

The UI

The UI is very attractive witch catchy looking icons; presently running applications can be seen by holding the home button, or you can switch between running apps by swiping from left to right./ right to left You may initially have problems sliding down the notification drawer without pulling the original android drawer. The home-screen icon grid can also be customized with the options of a 4 column layout or 3.

app switching
device detail screen

There's also a noticeable "search the web" that is always in the status bar.

Bundled Firefox O.S Apps

As at the time of this article, the bundled Firefox O.S apps that comes along with the present version of B2Droid are; Messages, Contacts, Browser (Firefox), Marketplace, Gallery, Music, Video, Settings, Clock, Email, Calender and Usage.

The Video, gallery and Music app also rock lovely looking UI, particularly the Music app. The Contact app also looks simple and elegant with a Holo-light theme feel, though I prefer the Xperia's default People app. Noteworthy, the search the web widget is always in the notification drawer.

Initially, the O.S can feel a bit slow, but gets faster with time, especially when set as the default Launcher.

How to Install and Setup

It is relatively simple, to install,
  • Download b2gdroid from here ( (NB: x86 build not yet available).
  • Copy the apk, into your device
  • Locate the b2gdroid apk using your file-manager and run it

  • After installation, press your home button, and the "Firefox OS" named launcher would be among the list of launchers.
  • Wait for the initial loading phase, and enjoy.

How to Disable / Uninstall (If B2Gdroid is accidentally made default)

If you cannot for some obvious reasons access your original Home/Launcher App, don't freight, the process is relatively easy.

  • You can easily disable it through the main Android settings, which can be accessible via the drawer or bringing out the main Android drawer and clicking settings, or clicking settings from b2gdroid app drawer, 
  • Navigate to settings -> Apps -> downloaded,
  • Locate b2gdroid fabric and click it, scroll down and clear default or if you wish, uninstall.
Another easier way of switching is by going to settings->Home and selecting the preferred launcher from the menu, below screenshot was taken from Xperia Z lollipop.


Ever got that annoying message when installing an extension and Joomla  gives you the error message:
Joomla! 3.3.1 is not supported. Minimum required version is Joomla! 3.3.6, but it is highly recommended to use Joomla! 3.4.1 or later.
If you've never been notified by Joomla, when logged in to your control panel about the a new version release; based on what you selected as the update server channel, in the Joomla! Update component. Chances are, your cache needs to be purged.

This also applies to those, whose Joomla tells them their version is already up-to-date, here is the simple fix.


Here's the fix to this pesky little problem. 
  • Head over to Component -> Joomla! Update. 
  • (otional) "If your website is a live version, already in use or uploaded to the internet, I recommend clicking the options button in the Joomla! Update component page, if not already set, change the update server to "Long term support recommended" to get the most stable release, that won't bug you for an update in a long while."
    and click save and close.
  • Click on the Purge Cache button,
    and that's it!. Your Update pop-up as displayed below.

For further necessary actions to take after a successful update procedure, visit the official Joomla documentation page by clicking here